Gojo Hologaphic Sticker

Holographic Stickers


Sticker Info.:
- All images will vary in height size slightly.

If you order W=3 the width is 3" and the heigth will vary according to image. 

If you order W=6 the width is 6" and the heigth will vary according to image.

- These are die-cuts, therefore, all stickers will have a white or black border around the image.
- Stickers are waterproof, but are NOT dishwasher safe.
- The stickers are sold individually

Material Info.:
- Waterproof  Holographic Sticker paper.

Best Use:
Our stickers are best when placed on flat surface, nonporous, and free of debris. It is recommended to clean the area you would like your sticker placed on first, then carefully peel and place your sticker on it. Once it is placed, it can not be re-adjusted.


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